It’s About To Get Crazy

It’s 11:30 at night, church starts in less than 12 hours, I have to have my wife to the airport so she can fly to Florida for the week in about 5 hours and she’ll be gone leaving me alone with the kids for about 156 hours. But I have confidence that all will go well.

Set up went well tonight and I’m excited about The Price Is Right tomorrow and the message that goes with it (because even though we love to have fun, it’s not all fun and games). I’m just excited to hear the band rock and get this thing kicked off.

But I gotta go try and get some sleep. This is definitely one of those “experiments” that we’re trying so there’s some risk involved, but that’s a good thing. Hope people are inviting their friends….you hear that?….invite your friends!


  1. Jim Bird February 24, 2008
  2. surebeatsworkin' February 24, 2008

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