Is the Price Right?

People have asked before if there isn’t a better way to spend money than on sound, sets, signage, marketing and stuff like that for Sunday mornings because it seems like between all the music equipment, projectors and series things, we have spent a lot of money. I agree with that last part at least. We’ve spent a lot of money. I’d also agree that we could certainly spend it in other endeavors and support other things with it. But there is a method behind the madness.

First, I think it’s a sin for church to be boring. I’m not saying it’s our job to entertain, but it is our job to engage people and create an environment where they’re at least open to hearing what God has to say. Like it or not, that takes money. God’s word is still the most powerful thing we have, but if people won’t come or can’t get past the bore-factor, they’ll never even hear what God has to say through His word.

Second, we’re not spending as much as we’re investing. We’re investing in tools to help us capture attention and communicate truth and the best part is, we let anyone use these tools. That’s why people are inviting their friends – they’re invested and the church has invested in them to give tools people can use to reach out to their friends

Third, I believe that we teach for life-change and if we can connect people visually, verbally, emotionally to something they encounter in places other than church, we’ve increased their chances of remembering what God’s word says and making a connection with their behavior. It’s called an object lesson and Jesus used them all the time by pointing to things around Him (fig trees, fields, birds, etc) and then teaching people how they should live. It worked because they could relate to what he was talking about….they understood.

You may not agree and that’s perfectly fine. I just thought it’d be a good idea to explain why we’re investing thousands of dollars in these first few series this year. The main reason is that people in Pitt county matter to God and if that’s all it takes to have an opportunity to present them with Hope and Truth, why wouldn’t you make that investment?


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