This past weekend I threw my wife a surprise birthday party 6 months early. (her birthday is Jan 1 and she hates having it lumped in with all the other festivities)  I invited some of her out-of-town friends to join us and they did.  So as I’m singing and worshiping God backstage on Sunday, I was reminded that “this” wouldn’t exist without “them.”  Without people like our out-of-town friends, who invested in us and Discovery financially and prayerfully, FOR YEARS, Discovery wouldn’t exist.

I mean, think about it for a minute.  When we told our friends we were moving to North Carolina to plant a church, I honestly didn’t know much more than that.  I didn’t know how (hadn’t done it before or even been a part of starting a new church before).  I didn’t know where (I’d visited Greenville three times for a grand total of 5 days).  I didn’t even know when we’d actually start – 6 months, a year, 2 years?  They thought we were a little bit crazy.  But even with all the unknowns and uncertainty, these people decided to invest in us, invest in the growth of the Kingdom of God, invest in Greenville and invest in people they’d never met.

There’s always a risk with investing.  You give in the hopes that whatever you put in will grow, whether it’s a retirement account, stocks and mutual funds, or relationships, education and others.

As I looked around, I saw what their investments had grown into.  A church.  A body of believers.  A congregation of worshipers and followers of Jesus Christ.

There was no way to know back in 2005 what things would look like in 2010, but looking back, I don’t think my wife and I were the ones who were crazy.  The crazy people were the investors – who gave without even an inkling of future success, let alone a guarantee of a successful investment.  Here’s to the crazy people!


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