Investors (part 3)

Yesterday I asked: Who and what are you investing in? and talked about the “who” part.  Today I want to look at the “what” part.

On Sunday, for this second week of our series “In Your Facebook” we’ll be talking about money and finance, greed and bailouts and all that.  So I’ve been thinking about money quite a bit this week.  Money is a very polarizing topic because when it comes to money, there are always two groups of people – “haves” and “have-nots.”  The dividing line between those two groups usually changes depending on who you’re talking to.  In my experience, people generally look at money from the perspective of the “have-nots”.  Which might explain why when we talk about money in churches, people get uncomfortable because they think they’ll be asked to give and they already view themselves as one of the “have-nots.”

When I ask “What are you investing in?” I wonder if you give to the church?  Better yet, do you tithe to your church?  Do you support Kingdom work around the world by supporting missionaries or mission organizations like Compassion International, World Vision, Voice of the Martyrs, Samaritans Purse or YWAM?  Here’s a few reasons why, if you’re a believer in Jesus Christ, you should at the very least, tithe (which is give 10%) to your local church:

  • It’s Biblical.  Yep, giving is Biblical and despite what some might say, tithing is the starting point for giving (not the $20 you are willing to give out of your wallet).  What’s not biblical is using a verse like “God loves a cheerful giver” as an excuse to give little or nothing to the work of the church and the Kingdom.
  • The money is already God’s anyhow.  If “every good and perfect gift is from above” that includes the money we have.  Scripture says that the “earth is the Lord’s and everything in it” so that would include ‘our’ money right?  Jesus told parables of men who managed the money that was entrusted to them – it wasn’t theirs, it was the Master’s – they just managed it
  • It’s a way to worship.  Tithing demonstrates obedience, trust, surrender, faith and even hope.  God says we can trust Him (Malachi 3:8-10, Proverbs 3:9-10) and when we do, that’s a form of worship.
  • It’s a deal.  Let me get this straight, God gives us 100% and only asks for 10% back?  Sounds like a deal to me.  Now, we don’t give to get, but there is no denying the benefits we receive when we give so at a minimum we should give a tithe.

I hope you’re already an investor in the Kingdom of God and His work through your local church.  It’s true that God does love a cheerful giver, but it’s also true that nobody can be a sourpuss their whole life.  Start investing in the church, start paying attention to the difference it makes in the lives of others, start recognizing that the money you give has a direct effect on people who give their lives to Jesus – then try to tell me you’re not a cheerful giver.


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