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I read an article the other day and it was talking about the pro’s and con’s of where we’re at with technology and how we use it in our worship services. One small comment about using interactive technology in worship got me thinking (and maybe this is already happening some places. I don’t know). Wouldn’t it be good to allow people to respond during worship, and participate in worship, using their PDA’s, cell phones or even laptops to comment and process what’s happening?

Here’s what I’m picturing. On one screen we see the “topic”. Maybe it’s a question to answer or a thought to reflect on. Participants would post thoughts and responses, live during the service, using their cell phone, Blackberry, PDA or other electronic gadget. All the posts and comments would go to the worship “instant messenger” or forum and be displayed as a response to God and what he’s doing, teaching, challenging people to do, think or change.

Of course the danger would be misuse. Maybe there could be a seven second delay that goes through a moderator first (like with “live” tv). It could also easily become a gimmick, rather than an outlet of expression and way to participate and expand the worship experience. But I think with some thought to form and function, it would add something. Afterall, a lot of people are comfortable communicating like this as evidenced by the number of people who IM, chat and post on forums or comment on blogs.

So, has anyone seen this type of thing being done? How would you set it up? What do you see it adding to the worship experience? What potential dangers do you see?


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