Inconvenient Necessity

Today the staff was meeting at our usual office for our weekly staff meeting (Bojangles) and we blew through the agenda pretty effectively and got a few things figured out. We ended up hanging out for a bit and just talking so decided to grab lunch together. Just as we had finished up lunch, we noticed a guy some of us have been praying for come in and so I sent one of the guys to go buy his meal for him and invite him over. We had a good conversation with him and I’m sure he left feeling like we really do care about him (which we do) and maybe one step closer to following Jesus.

So what’s the problem? There’s really no problem, but some of us had other things we needed to get done and move on to and yet we spent another hour at Bojangles. Our schedule was interrupted, but I think God’s timing was right on schedule. It was just one of those inconvenient necessities. I just know it was a little hard for me to sit there and be totally engaged and that scares me because the moment that becomes a normal reaction to opportunities to show love to people who need it, that’s when I start thinking I’m more important than God. Let me just say that’s a dangerous place to be.

We can’t forget that we represent Jesus and since he was willing to sacrifice His life for us, the least we could do is sacrifice an hour or so for someone. And this is one of those cases where actions really do speak louder than words. What are you saying?

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