In The Mail Box

Just got word from the mailhouse company. They’ll go out tomorrow. The first of two new mailers to nearly 20,000 of our closest neighbors. It’s always a risk, but when we used direct mail in conjunction with our launch last year, we connected with a number of people and more than a handful are still with us today – a year later! I can think of four right off the top of my head that we baptized. I’d call that a good risk.

I don’t know if this will connect with people or not, but we figure that we’ll at least get people to turn the card over and read about a church that cares about people and their success in life, in their marriages and family, at work and in their finances. The Bible talks about all of that.

I better make one thing clear though, I’m not talking about the kind of success that gets televangelists in trouble and that is all about the bling bling. We’ll define success correctly and build off of that. Can’t give it away by telling you everything now, but I like how we’re presenting this and am really looking forward to it. Things seem to be falling into place.


  1. Jason Ebeling March 31, 2007
  2. Kim March 29, 2007

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