In One Day

In one day, it will be Sarah’s birthday.  She’ll be 5.  We’re having a Princess Party (her 5th one) today.  She is one of my two real-life princesses and I love her so much and get so much joy from watching her grow up that I will sometimes cry when she says “I love you Daddy.”

I remember the day she was born.  It was a hard delivery for Lora. We never found out what we were having with any of our kids and so the joy of her birth was multiplied with the fact that after three boys, we now had a GIRL.  I had always told Lora that if we ever had a girl her name was going to be Sarah.  It would have been part of our prenup (if we’d had one).  So the second after the doctor said “it’s a girl!” I said, “I love you Sarah!”

In one day, my life changed.

In one day, I learned that there really is a difference in how you love a son and a daughter.

In one day, I went from two to three significant women in my life (my mom, my wife and now Sarah)

In one day, she went from drooling to smiling.

In one day, I realized she was no longer crawling but toddling.

In one day it seemed like her bald baby head turned into a crown of flowing blond locks.

In one day she learned to swim, and ride a bike, and ice skate.

In one day she’ll be five years old . . . . 

                     . . . . and my life will never be the same.


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