I’m The Punch Line

I was just thinking back to the weekend and was reminded that I was the butt of one joke that was pulled off and one that was missing a critical part. I’m a big practical joker, don’t get me wrong – once “borrowed” a guy’s car and painted it pink – but I was set up this weekend.

First off, during last week’s message I was talking about how the media influences us to spend money we don’t have. I made a passing reference to how catchy the commercial was for “My Little Pony” and how even I was almost convinced that I needed one. Apparently my attempt at humor was taken completely literally as this week, someone threw up this picture.

Next, since I was getting my (to start our Back 2 Basics series) another person thought it would be hilarious to flash up a picture of head shaveda celebrity’s newly shaved head. “Lucky” for me he forgot to actually bring the picture. Figured I’d just fill you in on the way people ‘take advantage of me.’ Besides, I think I’m way better looking than Britney!

There, I’m glad that’s off my chest. Now I can go back to loving the people who do this to me.


  1. Jason Ebeling March 2, 2007
  2. Claude Cannon March 1, 2007

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