I’m Not Too Tired

Have you ever been too tired to…..? I’m sure everyone at one point or another has used the excuse of being “too tired” and I’m sure there are times when it may even be a valid excuse. But this morning when I was meeting with a couple of guys for accountability, I found myself praying for us to stop using “too tired” as an excuse and start trusting God at his word.

It seems that God told Jeremiah the people would find “rest for their souls” if they’d just do what needed to be done – but they decided they were ‘too tired’.

Jesus said stop complaining about how tired we are and come to him – only there will you find “rest for your souls”

When Moses was “too tired” he got help

Unfortunately, when Samson got “too tired” he gave up and it cost him his life

The good news in all of this is that God, the Everlasting God, never gets tired. That means he’ll still be there waiting for us when we decide to trust him and stop using the excuse of being “too tired” to do whatever it is he’s called you to do. For me, that means that even though I’m not feeling well, stuffed up head, coughing stuff up, etc…that’s not a good excuse to sleep longer and push back or yes, even skip, my personal time reading the Bible and praying. That’s what I’ve been doing, but I’m feeling convicted about it so I’m going back to my God who gives rest – because he’ll “refresh” me – and you too, if you need it.

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