I’m Not Good At This

In case you couldn’t tell, I haven’t figured out how to really be consistent in my blogging. I’ve got a lot I think about and a lot I’d like to write, but sometimes I’m just not near a computer when it happens. I guess I’ll just have to set aside a little time for this each day, because it does sometimes help me clarify thoughts.

And another thing
Here’s another thing I’m not good at…driving a front-end loader. I’m trying to get this pool I was given actually in the ground and functional and I had to move dirt. Pretty simple right? Well did I mention that I need to leave the dirt I don’t move level? I got the circle all cleaned out and pretty level (I thought) and then it rained, and rained and rained. Let’s just say I found out where the low spots were (the big ‘puddles’ of water). The best part is that when I tried to ‘fix’ it with the man-toy (tractor for you women), I made a bigger mess and almost got stuck in the mud. I hope this thing works out.

One more
I’m not good at getting to bed on time either. I love to sleep – it feels good to be rested. I think I’m one of those guys that requires more than the standard 8 hours though. So when I need to get up around 6 AM and I only went to sleep around 11PM – I’m still a little tired. Now I know some people who can do 2-4 hours of sleep and be just fine, I’m just not them. And here I am typing at 12:30 in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping. So what have I learned? That it’s time to say ‘good night’.

Good night.

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