I’m Happier Than You Are

Yesterday while I was speaking about Finding Success At Work, I made a reference to a study that came out recently showing that clergy are happier and more satisfied than people in any other profession. (read about it here) Firefighters are second. Sometimes (when I’m in a particularly strange mood) I like to think of myself as a firefighter of sorts. I sure don’t want anyone to have to suffer the flames of hell.

Figured I’d share a few thoughts on how to be satisfied and happy with whatever you do.

Do something you like. Yeah, it seems obvious, but I can’t tell you how many people I’ve listened to complain about their job, do it only for the paycheck or because it will help them in their career. I mentioned on Sunday about a woman I’d heard of who was a successful Wallstreet banker and traded it in to become a trapeze artist. I’m guessing this is the same woman if you don’t believe me. So stop whining and figure out a way to get paid to do what you like

Keep it in perspective. You might think you’re job is just a job, but it’s more than that. It’s an opportunity to honor God. Believers are told to work at whatever they do as though we’re working for the Lord and not just men. That means that EVERY job matters.

Realize there’s more than one way to be paid. I’m not saying we should work for free, but what you do for a living should be about more than the bottom line. I get paid with stories of lives changing and with relationships I build and maintain. Work for satisfaction – personal satisfaction. When I was working construction during summers, I took great satisfaction in watching the walls of a house go up, the roof get put on and the windows get put in. Sure, it may have been a long (14 hour) hard day, but there was something satisfying about it for me and that made my paycheck worth more.

Invite others to join you. You might be thinking about how “misery loves company” if you’ve got a job you don’t like. But if you find something you like, you’ll want others to enjoy work too. I can’t tell you how great it is to have guys like Claude, Brent, Davey, Randy and Dusty around. This job is hard, but it’s easier with good people working alongside me. Find someone and invite them to enjoy work with you.

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