I’m Back (mostly)

Wow!  I had a great vacation with my family and have been out for a couple of weeks but I’m about caught up and back.  Yep.  That means that I’m ready to dispense my opinions (as well as some facts and wisdom) with near reckless abandon.  With so much going on in the world and in America, there’s no shortage of topics.

Just off the top of my head, here are a couple things that caught my attention besides the fact that I came home from vacation to one staff member out in FL for a funeral and my other guy in the hospital having an appendectomy.  Made for a wild weekend but hey, God is totally faithful and all is well.  Everyone should be back on board and in the house this Sunday.

Longest tennis match ever
World Cup Soccer (go USA)

OnePrayer (this has been awesome – don’t miss this week at Discovery!!)
Baptism (yep, this week!)

World and Politics
The Federal Government AND Mexico are suing Arizona?
General relieved of duty
iPhone 4 (nuff said)

Anyhow….I’ve got work to do still and the weekend is drawing ever so close.  Hope to see a lot of you on Sunday.

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