Illegal Immigration – Somebody Help Me Understand

So, Arizona passes a law that basically says it’s OK to ask for legal identification if someone is suspected of being in the country illegally and is already being detained for another legal reason (i.e. driving infraction, etc).  I honestly don’t understand what the big deal is so can somebody please explain it to me?

Here’s my thoughts (and yes they are my thoughts, not those of Discovery Church)…

The US is an “open” country and has always been one to say “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”  I don’t take issue with that, I just think there are rules to be followed when that happens and when the rules aren’t followed, when entry is done illegally, we as a country owe those people nothing other than the consistency of law.

Illegal means illegal no matter how much people want to talk about fairness, niceness, meanness or any other description.  If somebody steals bread from me because they are hungry and need to feed their family, the important word is “steals,” not “hungry.”  Would I feel bad because they were hungry?  Sure.  In fact I might even give them my bread, but because they never asked, I sure don’t owe it to them.  Let’s raise the bar and say they steal my car because they need transportation for their family so they can get to work or even the hospital in an emergency.  When they get caught, I’m not going to tell them, “Oh, just keep the car, you had a good reason.”  I’m going to tell them to prove that they own it or get out of my car.  Am I wrong? Mean?  Is that unfair?

People are coming to America for a reason – it’s better here! That’s great and I agree.  I just can’t understand why there are some who think it’s OK for people to break the rules because immigrants are coming from such a bad situation and just want a better life.  The only agreed upon truth is that people are breaking the rules.  We can debate whether or not they are good rules, but until they change, you need to play by them or work to change them.  Look, I don’t think abortion should be legal – ever!  But it is and I don’t actively participate or encourage people to break the law by blocking access or bombing clinics.  Why?  It’s illegal.  Am I missing something?

Breaking the law is a risk. Risk always has an upside – you might “win” or “succeed.”  But there’s always a downside as well – you might “lose” or “fail” and there are consequences for both.  By taking the risk, you accept the consequences.  With that said, yes, illegal immigrants are people, but if its discovered that you’re here illegally, generally speaking you should be sent back.  Some people risk their lives to get here – and some arrive and some die.  Some that arrive “hide” and others get caught.  Get caught and you need to leave.  Wouldn’t you do the same thing if somebody broke into your home?  Or are you trying to suggest that that scenario is different?  Or that you’d invite an intruder to move into your guest bedroom since they’re already there?  Heck, while you’re at it you’ll pay for their food, medical care and education because after all it’s only fair?

Maybe it’s me, but this seems pretty clear.  So can somebody please blur my lines, provide some perspective or otherwise educate me as to why we are actually debating “ILLEGAL” immigration?


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