I Need This

Still working on the final details for the message on Easter and I know I need this message. We’re starting a brand new series called “Finding Success” and I’m here to tell you…with all the energy I’m using this week, I’m definitely trying to find whatever will make this move, this series, this message and this entire Easter experience a successful one. I have to pull back and think about what success is. I’m filtering it through the paradigm and definition that we’ll be using for the whole series, and that makes it a little harder for me to measure success.

Will hundreds of people coming be a success? If everything looks and sounds good will it be a success? If I’m “on” when I speak will the message be a success? If people show up and think “wow” is that a success? I just don’t know and it’s not because I don’t want all of the above to happen.

True success is just so much more than a singular event. The event still matters. The accomplishment still counts, but true and lasting success comes later. For example, if we resist temptation once – we succeeded, but I don’t believe we should consider ourselves successful yet. We should still fight temptation of course, but real success comes much (sometimes much, much) later.

So I’ll continue to work hard and put everything I’ve got into succeeding this weekend, and we’ll know in a few months and years if I can be considered successful.

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