I Love My Wife

Right about now, my wife and I are in New Bern having just finished up a horse drawn carriage ride around the old city and are making our way into a paint-your-own pottery place before heading to dinner and maybe a quick ferry ride before the drive home.

My wife is notoriously difficult to plan for and find gifts for.  She doesn’t like when I spend money on her (some of you I know have the opposite problem), she’s not big on dining out (again, why spend $30 when we could eat at home for $3?) and if I get her a gift that isn’t practical, she debates whether or not it’s worth keeping it, yet if I get her a practical gift, well, there’s nothing really romantic about that.

But that’s why I love her so much.  She isn’t difficult to love at all.  It just requires a bit of thought to show her that I love her and express it in a way that she appreciates.  I’m really hoping this does that.  It’s not often that we even go out so I hope the day has been nice, the weather cooperated, and my reservations don’t get cancelled.

Lora, I love you.

I love your eyes, your smile
your hair
your smell
I love your sense of humor
your wisdom
your insights
I love your joy, your thoughtfulness
your prayers
your dreams
I love that your content with simplicity
that you dream big dreams for our kids
that you pray for me
support me
and love me too
Happy Valentine’s Day to the one I love.


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