I Am A Caffeine Addict

My name is Jason and I am a caffeine addict. (hi Jason) There, I’ve said it. How do I know? Because I’ve had a nasty caffeine headache all day as a result of not having had caffeine in nearly 48 hours. I think that means I’ve got a problem.

Problems are one thing, but solutions are another. Here’s my solution. No more Mountain Dew, Mello Yellow, coffee or other caffeinated drinks at least until I get back from Minnesota. I’m thinking that this just might kill me, but all that high fructose corn syrup, sugar and caffeine isn’t doing my body any favors either. Part of me wants to be healthy and the other part of me wants to overindulge on onion rings, Cubbie’s cheeseburgers, Mountain Dew and bacon (lots of bacon).

But no, I will control myself. I will limit myself. I will thank God it’s not too late for me to eat a little healthier. And I’ll pray that my headache will go away and there will at least be some taste to the healthier food I’ll be eating. I’m not going vegan or totally tofu, but better choices should equal better health, right?

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