Yesterday, we started a new series called “6 Things I Hate About Christians”  The basic idea behind it is that Christians act terribly unChristian way too often and when the watching world sees us, they become even less likely to listen to us or believe what we have to say about Jesus being Good News.  Sure, there could be more things on the list, but six makes for a good series.  We started out with one common complaint – 

Christians are too hypocritical.

The bad news is, it’s true.  The good news is we can change that image by dropping the masks we hide behind and becoming a mirror that reflects more accurately, who Christ is and who we are in Christ.  We hide behind the mask of the rules of Christianity.  We keep trying to “live right” and telling others how to “live right” that we forget that the very reason Jesus came and died was because we can’t ever “live right.”  It’s not so much about following the rules as it is the Rule-maker.

There was a lot of discussion, dialogue and people really having to wrestle with whether or not they were willing to drop their mask and stop pretending they were something they’re not, and stop measuring their success or failure as a Christian by how well they followed the rules.  I didn’t know how it was going to work, but I took a little risk and we gave everyone coming in a mask.  At one point I asked everyone to put it on (and almost all did) and at the end, I asked people to get up, take off the mask and drop it on the stage IF they were willing to trade it in for a mirror (which we also had on stage).  It was a great start to the series for sure.  Next week: Christians are judgmental.

Here’s what it looked like from where I was standing – bunch of hypocrites! (tough to take a great picture with the lighting, but you get the idea)


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