How It’s Going

So it’s Wednesday and we’re sitting in Panera Bread with their free wi-fi and we’ve now been here occupying space for almost 5 hours. That’s way too long to be at Panera Bread. Anyhow, we’ve got the skeleton planned out for all of 2007 and are working on filling in some of the details so that we can be better prepared for everything that we do next year. That should mean better marketing, better messages, better ministry (gotta love the alliteration). When I step back, I’m excited about what we’ve come up with, but in the trenches, this is just plain hard work. We’ve done well to have all of us on the same page stay involved for most of the time….once in a while one of us drifts off (Claude needs a nap, Dusty needs to talk to his cats, Brent wants to read his encyclopedia – all true) but we take a break and get back to it. I guess this means we won’t be leaving today like I had hoped. Oh well…it should be worth it

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