Helps Me Think?

I don’t know what it is about it, but I really like watching Ultimate Fighting. Lora thinks it’s stupid and doesn’t even like me to watch it in the bedroom when she’s sleeping. Maybe it’s the wrestler in me, or maybe it’s just “my way” of letting out some frustration, but I just enjoy the sport and like watching two guys pound the snot out of each other. It actually helps me think. In fact, I’m doing some message prep right now and that’s what got me wondering….”how in the world can I be thinking about how to communicate God’s love when I’m watching this in the background?” Then I thought a little further and I think it’s because I feel like I’m in a battle. Sometimes I feel like I’m being pummeled, but other times I feel invincible. Ultimate Fighting is just a picture of the spiritual battle I’m fighting and that’s why it helps me think. At least that’s my conclusion.

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