Headin’ Out

As often as possible I like to engage and expose myself to bigger thinking. One of the best ways to do that is through conferences (and sometimes seminars). Books can make you think different, but conferences make you feel different. So Claude and Sheila, Davey and Janelle and myself are headed to the Unleash conference at New Spring Church in SC. It’s a one day deal that happens tomorrow. Still being a new church with somewhat limited cashflow, I’ve called in a favor to some friends who live about 30 minutes away and we’re staying there tonight and tomorrow (it’s a good reason not to burn your bridges – wasn’t hard in this case since I like these folks)

Anyhow, I may or may not blog, but I’ll see you all on Sunday and am stoked about what I feel God gave me to share with you as we close out the Price Is Right.

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  1. Brad Christian March 12, 2008

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