Happy New Year at the Ebeling’s

Hi there everybody. You’re usually used to seeing Jason’s random musings from this page, but today I, Randy, step in to fill in. Most of you who know me know I’m a pretty “play by the rules” kind of guy and never one to really “stir the pot” (yeah right), but I saw that Jason left his blog site up and I couldn’t resist the opportunity!! (Don’t worry Jason, I’ll behave . . . mostly)

Tonight is New Year’s Eve and a lot of us are gathered at the Ebeling’s house. It’s been a really awesome night so far. The Coyle’s came through big time tonight and brought over their karaoke machine. Between people singing Billy Ray Cyrus and Lynard Skynyrd (spelling?), it’s pretty fun being a spectator! (see awesome video, be sure to turn on your sound) We’v been playing a lot of games tonight too. Scattegories, Catch Phrase, Apples to Apples. Good times had by all!

It’s been really cool getting to know everybody at Discovery. For those of you that know Laci and myself, I hope this doesn’t seem worn out or over mushy, but I can’t say enough about the Discovery family. We’ve met so many people that have taken us in like we were their own and loved us, without even really knowing who we were. I’m just amazed at God’s love that He’s shown us through the people here. Yesterday’s message was extra special for us because it reminded us of what God has been able to do here through these same awesome people, just because they were willing to be used. And as the New Year approaches (only 8 minutes away at this point) I just pray that we don’t ever get bored or content with what “we” have done. I hope that we’ll always want to see more. I hope that we continue to love on people the way God wants us to. I pray that we can continue to be used and that we’re willing to accept and be obedient to what God wants us to do.

2008 is going to be an amazing year, I can feel it!! (and I don’t think it’s just the cheese sauce I had earlier) Hope I haven’t rambled too much. I love you guys and thank you so much for loving on us. Have a great 08!!


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