Happy Labor Day

Well, our labor day happened almost 2 months ago and Hannah is doing great. She sleeps through the night and is starting to smile and coo. Makes life much better than what it could be. This whole church planting thing isn’t quite as easy though. In fact, yesterday was rough, mostly because I was talking about priorities and not letting the urgent crowd out the important. Man it was tough for me to speak on that when I’m so much in need of hearing it. Too often I’m letting the “urgent” stuff that has time limits crowd out the important stuff like really spending time with my wife and kids and enjoying being “off” of work. It’s tough…I mean, I never thought starting a church was so hard, took so much out of you and could so easily sideline your entire family. Well, no more. My plan is to refocus on what’s important and stop wasting time worrying about all the so called “urgent” stuff.

So I’m off to enjoy Labor Day.

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