Guess What I Got…

I got the same thing everyone else did….I got God’s Son Jesus given to me. Best present ever.

I also got the privilege of serving others when my family and I went to our local shelter to hand out gifts and help serve a Christmas dinner. And when another 11 people from Discovery showed up, let’s just say I was completely blown away...I’d just mentioned it and they came out – on Christmas. It turns out, so did a bunch of other people….there may have been more there serving than there were served. Tons of food was brought by and we really lathered on the love for the families and individuals that were staying there. A local news channel came by and my son Tanner even made it on the news. You can watch it by clicking HERE and then choosing “video” from the player on the left and the one titled “Volunteers Giving Back”. He said he was there to serve and that really did sum it all up. Another great gift I got.

On the totally self-absorbed side, I got the kind of stuff I’m happy about now but hated when I was a kid…clothes. I really don’t like shopping, and because of that, I’ve got clothes that I wear until my wife shows me a picture in one of the scrapbooks that she’s put together and points out that I wore the same shirt or pants or whatever 6, 8 or even 10 years ago! Yes, I’m a man of great style. But really, I like getting clothes now because frankly, I’d rarely if ever buy them myself. I think the coolest gift (besides the swing) was a cordless drill a lady from church gave me. I shared during one of my messages how frustrated I was with my current cordless drill and she shows up the next week and gives me a new one!! Totally suprised, and totally great.

I wonder what the coolest gift was that you got?

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