Great Sunday

I don’t even know what the final numbers are or anything, but I know this….it was packed today and I can guarantee that we were over 200 for the first time!  We’ve been close a couple times before at 199 and 198, but not today – we finally broke that barrier.  They tell me we had at least 20 FTG’s (first time guests).  That’s what we shoot for – one guest for every 10 people.  Only bad deal is that we didn’t have enough gift bags for all the guests!  We’ll need to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

Love having the college students back too.  They bring so much energy.  I talked about marriage (iDo) today but did my best to include them in the conversation so I hope I did that.  I even brought my Wii from home and set it up and started the message out by playing it.  After all, just like in a marriage, there are two ‘i’s’ in Wii  – yep, two people become one we. I’m loving this iLife series.

The numbers are just a gauge and we’re not saying we’re successful just because we have a high number.  I’ll only consider us successful when I see people starting new relationships with Jesus or growing in their relationship – putting Him first, making him greater and making themselves less and less self-centered.  You can be praying for that too.

Just gotta say – man what a day!


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