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I told you I’d share the testimony of God’s faithfulness when we tithe after the service today so here it is.


The past two sermons have been great and extremely timely for our family. Before we moved here, six years ago, We were making a six figure income and we loved to tithe. Our church had gone thru a similar series and the church actually started clapping an cheering with excitement when it was time to pass the plate and that continues to this day.

After last week, [my wife] and I had decided to get back on track with our tithing. It has been so hard to be faithful in that area since we are now living on a forth of what we made before we moved here and our finances have been a nightmare.

Well last Monday I got a couple checks at work and we went ahead and cashed them and pulled out the tithe. I told [my wife] I really needed to run it over to your house, because I knew it would be tough to hang on to it until Sunday. Well the week went by and it was tempting to use it for other things, but it stayed on the Kitchen counter all week and everyone knew that it was to go to church with us on Sunday…..

Well….Everyday [my son] and I pray together on the way to school and on Friday [he] could tell that I was really struggling with our finances because we had a power bill and rent due on Friday and I was around $600.00 short. When we finished praying [my son] looked at me and said, Dad you can’t use our tithe. I agreed, but knew it was a really tough situation and every penny counts. But we decided that it had to stay where it was and we couldn’t use it, because it wasn’t ours to use.

The day went by and a creditor called me who was a real pain and I ended up having to pay another hundred dollars to him, which was sending us financially in the wrong direction. I was really struggling and told [my wife] at lunch that I had no idea what we were going to do.

On the way home a friend called and while we were talking he asked me how things really were going. I told him it was like a perfect storm of bad stuff and that I really didn’t know what I was going to do. Out of the blue he said, why don’t you let me take care of the power bill. I really didn’t want him to, but I stopped by his office and picked up a check out of his mailbox to pay the power bill. That blew me away, but what really did me in was less than 5 minutes after he called me another friend called me and said that he and his wife had been feeling sick and were not going to be able to go to a marriage conference this past weekend that he had been telling me about. He wanted to know if it was alright for him to come by the house that night and give me something. That night he came by and gave us an envelope. He and his wife had decided to give our family the money they were going to spend on the conference because they knew things had been tight for us. They had no idea that it was the exact amount we needed to pay our rent.

It blew me away….[my son] was kind of like ….I told you so….I’ve got that 30 year old faith. He’s got that Child like faith…..

Have a Great Day….Have a Great Week

Now if that isn’t something worth braggin on God about, I’ve got others. Here’s another I’ve heard. One couple hadn’t been tithing because they were paying nutshell versiondouble mortgage/rent payments since they hadn’t sold the house they moved out of to move here. So double payments for the past couple months isn’t a good deal. They came to church, didn’t have a check to write a tithe and so on Monday, the husband called his wife from work and said to write the check and mail it in. She skeptically asked if it was so they could get an offer on their house. Funny thing is, she wrote the check and got an offer a few hours later. They countered, it was accepted and they’re closing THIS FRIDAY (less than 10 days later). There’s even more to that story, but I’ll share that on Sunday.

God is at work when people follow His ways and His plans.


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