Good To Be Back

The family and I had a great time in Washington D.C. Even though it was cold and windy the first few days, Friday and Saturday were beautiful. The kids had a blast and logged a lot of miles in their walking shoes.

A lot has changed and been added since Lora and I lived at Andrews AFB right outside D.C. 10 years ago. We checked out the new stuff. Loved the museum and interactive stuff at Mount Vernon (Washington’s home). The Marine Corp Museum was impressive as was the new Air and Space museum out near Dulles Airport. Cool part about that one was our docent (tour guide) was a retired three star general! Loved it, loved it, loved it.

I haven’t taken time like that off for a while. I do admit that I checked my emails once during the week and answered the phone three times, but other than that I was totally checked out of work mode. I’ve promised Lora and myself that I’ll do that on a regular basis – next break is in June.

And then, not having to speak today was nice too. I got to sit with my wife! Dusty did an outstanding job. You should listen to it. Taught a PARTnership class last night and recognized a couple dozen new PARTners this morning. Heard nothing but great things about Discovery helping out with the Carolina Pregnancy Center’s Walk 4 Life – Wagner Fields (the center director) even stopped by the house to say thanks.

I just love that I can be gone and things not only get done, but get done well. It’s good to be gone, but it’s good to be back too!

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