Going Out Tomorrow

Made a HUGE mistake that we didn’t detect until too late on our mailers. Would you believe we didn’t put a time on it?!?! What a bunch of amateurs we are.

Either way, nearly 20,000 more will hit the mailing routes tomorrow (even without the times) and we’ll be praying that people will go to the website or call if they don’t know when we meet (which is 10:10). Considering I’ve seen our little yellow road signs at a number of the major intersections, people who get the cards may have already seen those and gotten the time of 10:10 from them. I guess those signs are staying out all week long this week. Usually we pick ’em up Sunday, but we’re getting a lot of drive by traffic so that’s a good thing when it comes to marketing.

I’m excited about our series too – Finding Success. Too often people define success in the short term, but it’s more than that. It has to be. How else could you define a since it covers so many years? I can’t wait to successful lifeshare what I’ve been learning. We’ll be rolling out the red carpet (same stuff they use at the MTV music awards!) for our first week. I’m so glad we can get into the building to semi-set-up on Friday night and Saturday, because I’m still stressing over how it’s all going to work out. But hey, God’s in control (when I let him).

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