God Rocks

I’m blown away. We knew that the college kids were back in town and we expected a few more people this week. Even so, we decided to try a little something different. We set up artificial small groups in church by seating everyone around tables this week (mostly because we were talking about how Real Life happens in Small Groups). We set out donut holes and waters at all the spots. Now get this.

Ten minutes before service, a pile (at least for us) of college students show up – maybe 20-30?! That was cool enough, but the people just kept coming. All kinds of people. People we’d just met at the Watermelon Festival, people who’d seen our signs, people who just moved here, people who’d been to Discovery before, left for a few months and were back, regulars, PARTners, just people and people. Over 50 little ones (6th grade and under) and just shy of 150 adults.

For us, this is huge, and it’s a huge blessing and privilege and answer to specific prayer from that morning. For the first time in the history of Discovery Church, we broke 200! God rocks. And you know what the best part is…I think it’s just the beginning of what’s coming this fall.

What I really want to see now, are lives changed, people getting serious with Jesus and about Jesus and more people starting a relationship with him. And I’m expecting to see that start happening more and more. Keep praying and don’t forget….God rocks.


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