God At The Service Station

Every Monday from 2-5 is when I’ve scheduled “God Time Only” or GTO for myself.  Well, a little wrench in the plans today.  The engine light on Lora’s van came on and everything looks fine (as near as I can tell but I’m no mechanic) so figured since it’s still in warranty, I’d have them check it out so I took the van, had a lunch meeting and headed to the dealership (where I am now).

So get this.  All they can figure is that the gas cap wasn’t on tight enough!  Huh?  I’m guessing that’s not going to be covered by the warranty and that’ll tick me off a bit.  I told them it wasn’t running real well so they might want to check again.  We’ll see.

That means I’m an hour into my GTO and even though I’ve got my iPod and noise canceling headphones, my Bible and notepad, this just isn’t the kind of place that’s really encouraging me to connect with God – sorry.  I guess I can take the service station off my list of retreat destinations.

Out.  I’m gonna go pray or something (maybe they won’t charge me to tell me the gas cap wasn’t tight enough – please God)


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