Glimmer of Hope

So far this year, my Saturdays have been anything but enjoyable. I love college football and cheer for Ol’ Notre Dame. At 0-5 now there’s not much to cheer about. Yet today, I saw a glimmer of hope. Sure they lost to Purdue (not a throwaway team) but they moved the ball and defense, while not stellar by any measure, did good enough to at least keep them in the game until the fourth quarter.

My take-a-way is that it’s not how bad (or often) you lose, it’s how hard you work to improve. Without a doubt, ND has improved. Without a doubt, some things at Discovery have improved. And I’m certain that we’ve worked really hard to get to where we’re at and are planning on working even harder to move ahead.

I’m not saying that Discovery is a losing team – not by a long shot. But I’m trying to redeem what’s been a terrible season for the Irish and learn a few lessons I can apply to where I’m at. Maybe you need this reminder too. Regardless of what’s already happened, the only thing you can influence is the your future – so work hard, improve and we’ll see what happens when we get there.

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