Getting Excited

Enjoyed the day off yesterday, and spent a good portion of the day so far reading through and meditating on 1-2 Samuel and 1 Kings getting ready for our next series on David. Let me just say, David may have been remembered as a “man after God’s own heart,” but he also made his fair share of mistakes. I don’t know why I find that so comforting except to think that maybe I, even with all my problems, failures and mistakes, can be known as a man after God’s heart.

Because of a couple issues, we’ve had to change the baptism date back a few weeks. No big deal though, we’ll just do the baptism on June 3 and it’s still going to be cool.

The more I study and think about this series, the more excited I get. One thing really stuck out today. It’s the fact that all David’s followers when Saul was after him were “in distress, in debt or discontented” David, the king (who’s not king yet but who’s hiding in the mountains) is attracting people who are down and outers, distressed, in debt, frustrated.

Think about that for a minute. Who’s attracted to us? Needy people or greedy people. People who want to be changed or people who want to change us? I never want Discovery to be filled with peole who think we’re Burger King and they can “have it their way.” I hope people flock to us and this church because we care, we offer hope, and lives have been changed by Jesus. I think that’s why Lora and I have seen so many people who are in difficult and destroyed marriages hanging around. They’re in distress. They’re discontent. Hopefully we offer hope and leadership like David did.

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