Getting Dumped On

Ever feel like everybody is just dumping on you? Well, I do sometimes. With so much going on, so much that’s new and so much that isn’t quite where I want it to be, there’s a lot of potential dumping material. I like hearing people’s comments, suggestions and critiques because I really want to do the best job we can at Discovery. Let’s just say that there’s always room for improvement from my speaking to our music, from student ministry to children’s ministry. But that’s not what precipitated this entry. Yesterday I actually got dumped on – no really, I got pooped on.

It’s no big deal if you’ve had kids before. In fact, Lora and I laughed because we were suprised at how forcefully a little one month old infant could expel excrement. We were getting ready to go for a walk and I had Hannah strapped in to a baby carrier. Suddenly, she just let it rip and blew out her diaper. In the process she sprayed Tanner who was sitting on the couch three feet away, got Lora who was a bit closer and loaded my toes and sandals with hot wet pooh. The best part was she didn’t get any on her outfit or the baby carrier. Here’s a pic (a little blurry) of my “pooh shoe” without my toes (and Lora with her toes in her “pooh shoe”)

Let’s just say I’d rather be dumped on by people with problems and stuff like that than by babies with hot warm pooh.


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