Getting Ahead

Today the staff and myself are headed out of town for a couple days to get away and plan more of the details of 2009.  I’m already excited about stuff that I know about and really looking forward to getting more details nailed down.  The good news is we’re starting in April and going from their so I already feel like we’re ahead.

I’ll be honest, I feel like it’s taken me this long to just be able to breathe enough to plan that far out.  There’s been so much to do to get Discovery started and I know we can be that much stronger and better, but I feel like I’ve been distracted some by all the crazy details I never really planned on.  Don’t get me wrong, we planned – and we saw very clearly last year how God can (and does) work through our prayerful preparations.  Amazing honestly – and all God (we had no idea some of the “stuff” that would happen).

I feel good, but I also feel a bit a pressure.  A lot depends on me being disciplined and working ahead.  I’m learning, but it’s really not my strong suit.  That said, I’d like to ask for your prayers as we head into planning and as we start this year.  Pray for me, pray for the staff, pray for this city and the people we’re going to love, serve and reach this year.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the things in the works this year:
  • New leadership team (not staff changes, just including more people in the leadership loop)
  • Outlet (small group) improvements including ‘homework’ and better discussion guides
  • Parenting classes (no we don’t know it all, but we can help and encourage)
  • Mission work in Swaziland this summer
  • More serving opportunities right here in Greenville
  • Partnering with more local community organizations (like we already do with Care Pregnancy Center, Hope of Glory, etc)
  • Helping start another church here in Greenville (soon too)
And none of that counts stuff that we’ll be teaching on and going through – that by itself is enough reason to be stoked, but put it all together and it’s looking to be a GREAT year.

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