Fun Day Today

Had a great day today and heard a lot of good feedback. Randy did a bang-up job singing Jesus Paid It All which was totally appropriate in a message that talked about debt. Hopefully people will at least think differently about their money now after today.

I was amazed to learn in preparing for this that Americans use their credit/debit cards to purchase $51 BILLION of fast food each year. Unbelievable. That’s enough $1 bills to fill a whole football field 32 feet deep with $1’s. We gave everyone a fun “book” too. It was inspired by a SNL skit we showed and then gave everybody their very own copy of this practical life-changing book.

You can watch the classic video clip below. Which character do you relate to more?

Here’s what this priceless (FREE) book says. Imagine if we put this into practice.

Rule # 1

If you don’t have any money, DON’T BUY STUFF!

Rule # 2

Buy expensive things you want using money that you’ve SAVED!

Rule # 3

If you want something but don’t have the money, DON’T BUY IT!

Rule # 4

If you don’t have the money, DON’T BUY stuff anyways because you want it.

Rule # 5

DON’T BUY something now and hope that you can pay for it later

Rule # 6

Make sure that you have the money BEFORE you buy something

Rule # 7

DON’T BUY things you cannot afford before you have the money to afford it

Rule # 8

If you can only pay the minimum payment you don’t have enough money so DON’T BUY IT!

Rule # 9

If you can’t buy it, don’t spend what you do have—SAVE IT for something else.


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