I probably shouldn’t even be wasting time trying to post right now, but oh well. It’s been a day of constant interruptions. I really think I need to get more of my stuff so I can get away from here. I needed to be home to help Lora out while she went to a scheduled appointment, but the neighbor kids have been over (which is great but distracting – no school today) Hannah’s been fussy most of the day, everybody’s been asking me transferred to my laptop”little” questions, and I just can’t think…..arrrghgh.

Ok, it’s out of my system. I almost feel better. Off I go to Tyler’s football practice. And I just need to add….
what’s up with USC losing to an unranked opponent and still being ranked ahead of Notre Dame? Didn’t Auburn lose to previously unranked team – at home? Oh well. Go Vikings…they play tonight on MNF.

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  1. Derick Shipley October 30, 2006

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