Forced to Be Creative

In a few hours, I’ll sit down with about 8 other people to pray through and plan a lot of 2008 speaking series. I’m feeling an enormous amount of tension and pressure right now because this is happening so late this year. It’s November already. And as Claude pointed out yesterday, even 2010 doesn’t seem so far away anymore.

I’m a little concerned that we only have tonight and tomorrow set aside for planning, but I’m excited that we’ve got some new blood and faces that are going to be part of the process. I’m confident that the people coming are tuned into the community we live in and I’m sure that this whole process will be beneficial. I’m just asking you guys to pray for us and ask God to make sure we’re seeking to please him and not men (especially when we have a ‘time limit’) Thanks.


  1. Jason Ebeling November 6, 2007
  2. ASEAN November 5, 2007
  3. Jim and Shanna November 3, 2007

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