I have a condition I call “distraction attraction.” It seems like there are times when I’ll find anything and everything to work on except what I need to. This happens too often for me. I’ll know I need to make a difficult phone call or really invest some energy into solving a problem, but because it’s going to be hard, I do something else more enjoyable – read, browse, eat, play, joke, text, email, whatever.

I had one of those moments just now when I was reading Perry Noble’s blog andI got smacked upside my head. You can read the blog HERE, but basically I’m being lazy and not performing up to the standard that God’s set or even that I’m capable of. The audience of one seems to be me instead of Him and that needs to change. Another of his posts convicted me earlier this week and I just need to be done chasing turkeys. I’ve lost some focus.

Actually had a similar conversation this morning about focus, clarity and organization and it’s clear that I’m lacking in each area to some degree. That’s frustrating, but it’s something I already knew I tended towards. I also know I need to do something about it.

Somewhere along the line I’ve messed up and started to make things a little bit more about me. It’s not. Discovery Church isn’t about me. Being a pastor isn’t about me. Seeing lives changed isn’t about me. Making an impact isn’t about me. There’s only two things that Jesus said were the most important and I’m glad I’ve been reminded to put my focus back on that. God’s called me to love Him first. That takes discipline and focus. Then, because I love Him, he tells me to love others. That means I can’t do my own thing first and offer leftovers. I need to focus on the the task at hand. Time to focus on the W.I.N. – “What’s Important Now?”

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