Feeling Squeezed

I knew going back into this that I might become lax in the consistency of my posting to my blog.  To help with that, I switched to WordPress which allows you to schedule posts.  That helped for a while, until I lost the discipline to stay ahead and all of a sudden had no posts scheduled and no schedule time to create them.  So a few days here and a few days there and. . . .  [crickets] . . . . nothing.

I feel like this poor puppy – stuck.  And the further down I go, the more I’m getting squeezed.  I do understand it’s a discipline issue.  And it’s my problem.

I also know, it’s probably not going to change real soon.  The family and I head out on vacation, leave the dog behind (with the house-sitter) and I most likely won’t blog much for another week or two.

I may change my mind though.  Maybe all I need is a little “pick-me-up” to get me out of this place where I’m stuck (like the puppy).  I don’t need a good kick in the butt – don’t think that would help.  But what are your thoughts?  Better yet, how do those of you who regularly blog or write stuff, schedule your time and your posts so that you have a regular rhythm?

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  1. Josh June 4, 2010

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