Fall Is In The Air

This is about my favorite time of year. Right now, my windows are open, it’s seventy something and there’s a light breeze blowing. You can smell it…it’s fall. It smells like football, like school time, like a long awaited part of the year. I love it. For some reason, it’s easier to enjoy the day when it’s like this. It’s better sleeping weather when you can leave your windows open and listen to the crickets and frogs sing you to sleep. It’s just good stuff.

Oh, and since I mentioned football, how about those Notre Dame Fighting Irish? Last week, people questioned if they were any good since they only beat Georgia Tech 14-10. This week, they dominate the 19th ranked Nittany Lions and they still don’t get much credit. Instead, people are wondering if Penn State was just a little overrated? Come on. I suppose when Michigan gets beat next week the critics will wonder if ND could have won if they played at the Big House. Whatever. Go Irish. Either way they can’t play as bad as Florida State did (come on….Troy State??).

I’m also giving fantasy football a go this year. Let’s just say that this week….if I could play my entire team I still wouldn’t have enough points to be close. So I’ve decided I’m really not too good at this, but I’m gonna have fun anyway. In fact, I played a team that I created and then gave away and they’ve got the second highest point total of anyone. Go figure. Maybe next weekend will do better since we’ll play a little flag football….yep, real exercise.

Claude‘s out this week….in Florida with his “real” job. Hope he gets to keep it. Brent‘s up with his mom who’s having cancer surgery. That leaves me, Dusty and Davey….what a crew. I get to edit and create small group videos this week…should be a great Sunday….can’t wait to see ’em.


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