Exclusively Mac (finally)

Finally did it. I’ve been telling Lora for nearly a year now that the time is coming when we will be done with our PC and we will throw it out with Windows. The time finally came. And because we homeschool and Apple is having a back-to-school promotion, we got the Mac at a discount AND an iPod touch for free (or at least it will be free once they send our rebate check) Lora has claimed that and is loving it because of all the educational apps she can load on it to harass our kids who are supposed to be “done” with school for the summer!

But wait, there’s more. I’m so excited about this…

I have blogged about wanting an iPhone since they first came out (here) but was tied into a contract with Alltel (who by the way has had the best coverage I’ve seen of anyone out there). I hinted and begged for one when my smart phones were being dumb (here) and I all but tried to bribe people to get me one for Christmas (here, here and here) but none of that has worked.

I’m happy to say, that come tomorrow, I will be on a golf trip, but will also become the proud new owner of a long awaited (and planned for) iPhone 3Gs.

Let me just say this too….everything listed here adds up to a lot of cash. In fact, that’s many people’s biggest hurdle for getting a Mac (they’re just so expensive). Not that it’s any of your business, but since we’ve been planning for this, we’ve been saving for this. Nothing is financed, it’s all paid for with money we have. See, if you want something bad enough, you might need to wait, but you can save and then pay cash. Gotta love Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University in action!


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