Election Thoughts

I’ve had a couple days now to think and reflect about the election in 2008.  Figured I’d just share some thoughts.

  • While I don’t agree with his policies (or what I expect his policies to be) I can say I am excited that our nation, which was so divided by color just a few decades ago, can move beyond that and elect a black President (with a name like Barak even)
  • I’m glad the commercials are over
  • I’m disappointed in a large segment of McCain backers who simply complained or threatened to leave the country (even in jest it sounds foolish)
  • It looks like Obama has at least for now, given many foreigners a better view of America
  • I’m so glad I don’t live in California – where they are more concerned with hens that lay eggs in cramped metal cages [Proposition 2]  then they are with allowing parents to be involved in making medical decisions concerning their kids [Proposition 4]
  • Stuart Smalley (aka Al Franken) seems to have lost his bid to become a Senator from MN by less than 500 votes – I thought he was good enough, and smart enough….and doggone it, people like him!  Just not quite enough people I guess
  • Obama gave a great acceptance speech to a huge and excited crowd – it was fun to watch history being made
  • The world didn’t end (if you’re a McCain supporter) and the Messiah hasn’t come (if you’re an Obama supporter).  Jesus will determine the timing for both thank you.
  • There were a lot of campaign signs around Greenville….way more than this, but a few roads, street corners and polling stations were cleaned up early.
[edit] The “victims” ran into the husband of the candidate shown on one of the big signs and they wanted it back.  The sign for Marrian McLawhorn will be happily returned.  They report that he was quite good natured about it.


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