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After the egg hunt, we sent out an email to everyone we had email for, asking them for their thoughts and feedback about the big event.  The response has been overwhelmingly positive.  Here’s just a few of the comments we’ve received

My child enjoyed the blow-up moon bounces, but bigger ones would have been nice for bigger kids. Also, we got there about 30 minutes late, and the balloon animals were no longer being made, he was dissappointed to see other kids with them and not get one.However, I will say that this is a wonderful thing. You all have blessed the community. What an undertaking to get this together and make it all free!!! I have even considered attending you church because with a heart for others like this, there must be something good going on there! God Bless you all, you blessed my child and I and made our Easter better!!
Everything was done well! I was so impressed with the organization of everything and the friendliness of the volunteers. The music was uplifting! Thank you for your ministry.
Excellent Event!! This was the most exciting Easter Egg Hunt that my 4 year old has ever attended. The praise music, activities and food were outstanding. Very well planned! God Bless!

i liked the way each thing was organized starting from sign in to division of age groups…over all i think everything was well organized in a good manor..i think the kids enjoyed the dark hunt…but again over all everything was well organized an well planned

It was a great experience for both my children.  I was a little worried that since my son is 12 that he would not have fun, but the indoor black-light hunt was a great idea!  My 2 yr old absolutely loved the inflatable jumping things!  We will definitely be back as long as you keep hosting them!  Thank you so much for such a great activity for the kids!

My child is almost 4, and she was afraid of the big crowd, so she only picked up a couple of eggs before she burst into tears. One of the attendants was nice enough to go get her some reserve eggs for her basket. That was so kind, so that no child felt left out. Also, the food and entertainment was great. What a good way to give back to the community. God bless you.
the black light egg experience was really neat. The Boys loved it. Food line moved quickly and so did registration.
The egg hunt separated by age was AWESOME and the NO parent rule inside the hunt was GREAT! Prizes were great, although my kids did not win. The games should go the entire time. We did not get a chance to do them at all. A tent or tarps for shade would of been nice and some more tables and/or chairs. There is never enough room to sit for lunch. Lunch was good! We will for sure return again next year!
Very well organized. LOVED the indoor hunt, this was the only way I could get my 12 year old there!!!
You guys did a fantastic job!!! It was well organized and fun for kids and adults. Thank you for the food, prizes, and games. We enjoyed it tremendously.

There were a bunch that were very similar to this, but you get the idea.  What an encouragement.  Again, great job guys.

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