Easter Egg Hunt recap

I think I’ve recovered from this amazing Easter weekend enough to post a few pictures of Greenville’s Largest Easter Egg Hunt.  Conservative estimates have 1,500+ people in attendance with half of them being kids who participated in the egg hunt.  I’ve got to give a shout out to all the amazing volunteers from Ignite ChurchDiscovery Church and the Boys and Girls Club who helped us pull this off.  Everything seemed to go off without a hitch (although the 0-3 egg hunt area definitely got a little chaotic with the huge number of kids in that group).

I was up around 5 to read through Scripture, pray and then head up to the Boys and Girls Club (BGC).  Claude, Randy and I started setting up the stage and band area around 6 and Jason Lineberger from Ignite got there with the Krispy Kremes.  It was foggy and cool but we knew it would be a great day.

All Discovery help and some Ignite help showed up at 7 for our debrief and prayer time.  We handed out all 100 Discovery T-shirts (sorry to those of you who didn’t get one in the size you wanted!) and people headed out to their areas to make sure everything was set and ready to go.  Things were pretty well in place by 9AM which is when some people started to actually show up (even though registration didn’t even start until 10).

Over the next few hours, the crowd continued to grow, WNCT (CBS) and WITN (NBC) both sent out cameras so Jason and I did a couple of interviews.  The line for facepainting was long (we’ll need more painters next year) and the balloon animals were a hit.  The games and bounce houses were also a hit and the Discovery Church band rocked it out.  We had to move people into overflow parking, but it seemed like the request for people to carpool helped.

At 11AM we sent all the kids to the egg hunt areas.  One of my favorite things is to get the kids to yell about how excited they are.  Being able to hear the 7-9 year olds from the other end of the property is pretty cool.  When I asked the 7-9 year olds “Who’s gonna get the most eggs?” they must have thought that was the signal to start because instead of answering, a bunch of them started running.  The rest of the groups waited for the countdown and then the chaos ensued.  Like I said, the 0-3 age group was over-run with lil’ ones.  They had to break it into two different hunt sessions.  We’ll learn from it and improve that next year.

As kids were looking through their finds, the Ignite band took over in the music department, the free lunch started getting passed out and people started eating and soon after we started drawing names for the prizes of iPods, LeapPads, Wii’s, Xbox and DS’s.  We also drew names for Easter baskets, gift cards and gift certificates.  Over 30 people won prizes donated by local businesses.  Sure hope we can get more businesses involved next year.

I love our volunteers.  One noticed a little girl who got scared or trampled and didn’t get any eggs, but took her basket and filled it with some of the reserve eggs we saved just in case.  She left happy. I heard of others who did the same thing for a few other kids. One volunteer was offered $100 and I was so proud to hear they turned it down and said, “No thanks.  This is our gift to you and the community – no strings attached!”

Saw lots of kids and parents leaving with big smiles on their faces, lots of volunteers leaving with sunburned arms and necks, and lots of eggs being emptied and left behind.

Clean up took a few hours and again, our awesome volunteers helped get the BGC ready for our Easter celebration the next morning.  We vacuumed, scrubbed bathrooms and floormats, moved the stage, sound and curtains, set out the chairs and headed home eggsausted but ready to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ the next day.  Hopefully we’ll see you again next year.

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