Here it is just after 5PM on Friday and I’ve been looking forward to taking some more people from Discovery out to the homeless shelter for our Second Saturday Service. Well, I called in to check on how many people were staying there – like I was told to, and finally got a call back saying they didn’t need us to serve lunch, and they didn’t even want us to clean and fix up stuff around there -like the food pantry some folks organized last time and noticed has food that’s been expired almost 2 years. I offered to clean that out, clean up outside, general maintainence or whatever is needed, but they didn’t need us. I’m a little disappointed, but excited about the opportunity to challenge the people to do something a little less predictable – like washing cars, returning shopping carts, loading groceries, giving out donuts at drive throughs to the emplyees inside, picking up dog doo or unloading people’s trash at the local dump. We’ll see how far we can push…this is an ‘entry level’ commitment, but hey, service is service and small acts done with great love really will change the world – or at least this community.

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