Depravity is Alive and Well

I really shouldn’t be surprised when sinners act like sinners, but sometimes I have a hard time stomaching the depth and boldness of it.  It seems like people can justify just about anything they come up with these days.  Of course, there’s the “hot button” social problems that seem like they aren’t even spiritual issues anymore, but political ones – like abortion or homosexuality, which are justified as a “personal choice.”  There’s common problems like cheating (either on tests, taxes or a spouse) that are often justified with the lame excuse of “everybody’s doing it” or “it’s only wrong if you get caught.”

So when I came across a guy on twitter who posted “#manlaw if you woman ever question you.smack the [deleted] out of her.. let her know it s not ok to question a man. i dont care if yall at church” and “I got over 1300 followers now. Yay. I’m bout to get somebody pregnant tonight. And we gettin an abortion in 2 weeks” why am I surprised?  Why am I disgusted?  Why is my first reaction anger and a desire to point out what an absolute idiot this guy is and not something more like “Father forgive him, he doesn’t know what he’s doing”?

I’m still wrestling with those questions.  The one thing I’m not questioning is whether or not the natural state of man is good or bad?  It’s pretty clear, depravity is still alive and well.  I guess some things never change.

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