Death Sentence

So it’s Friday, been a long and trying week, I’m behind on stuff and have a PARTnership Class to teach tomorrow so books need to be printed, notesheets and programs for Sunday need to be printed still and a few other things. Well the printer that is possessed and decides where and when to print has decided not to even accept paper anymore. So nothing gets printed.

Therefore, by the power vested in me, I’m tempted to the point of most likely making this a reality. The printer is hereby sentenced to Death by Dropping from at least the 7th story (seven being a nice Biblical sounding number and all). Unless someone wants to try to intervene and file a petition or seek a stay, the sentence is most likely to be carried out in short order. I’ll keep you posted and make the video available here for those with voyeuristic tendencies. Of course we only video to make sure proper procedures are followed and the printer does not suffer in any cruel or unusual way (yeah right!)

The guilty printer that has been sentenced to death
(I’m actually looking forward to it.
Does that make me a bad person?
How about a bad Pastor?)


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