Dealing With Disappointment

What do you do when people let you down? I think too often, we turn around and do the same thing by letting them down, instead of praying for them and working with them to make sure “whatever” doesn’t happen again. Think I’m wrong, then answer this….

  • When somebody we know gets caught breaking the law, how often do we distance ourselves from them (at least until things get ‘back to normal’)?
  • When somebody makes a very serious public mistake and embarrasses or harms us or our reputation, how often do people try to stay away from them because “it just hurts too much”?
  • When someone cheats on their spouse, how often do we pick sides and how often are we on the “side” of the one who messed up?
  • When you are counting on someone to follow through on a promise to do something and they don’t, how often do we give them the silent treatment and swear to never ask them again.
  • When we tell someone a secret and they share it, how often do we start censoring ourselves around them?

The point is, we all have a tendency for self-preservation and our own comfort and that’s completely natural. But when people let us down or don’t live up to our expectations of them, we also have an opportunity – an opportunity to show love, grace and model Christ. And not just an opportunity. For those who are followers of Christ, we have a responsibility to restore them and help relieve the burden. We should never take away or diminish the consequences, but we should never kick our friends to the curb for messing up either. If everyone did that, I wouldn’t have any friends, and neither would you.

I’d encourage you to listen to the message I shared this week….it’s only by God’s grace I was able to make it through it. You can listen HERE. You can listen to any part of the whole series HERE.


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