Day One

All I can say is WOW! The first day of Catalyst was great. Talk about an experience. It wasn’t just about another conference…hearing people more popular and ‘productive’ than me, instead it was about being valued, and challenged as a leader in one of the most difficult leadership environments on the planet. From the moment we got there, they literally rolled out the red carpet. Hearing from Andy Stanley was great…he’s so good at boiling it down to just one thing. The one thing is that

Leadership is a stewardship
which can be taken away at any time
and we’re accountable for it.

Leadership people like Marcus Buckingham and John Maxwell spoke – the main gist? Lead from your strengths and stop wasting so much time and effort trying to improve your weaknesses. We even had a special appearance by Jeff Foxworthy (a believing Christian I might add). There were breakdancers, an full gospel choir, hot air ballon rides, bungee jumping, pomp and circumstance and even horses being ridden inside the arena by guys who dressed like knights. Excellent…just excellent – a fully engrossing experience.

But perhaps the most powerful part was near the end. We were over time by 45 minutes or so, and the last Gary Haugen just finished speaking about the church’s responsibility when it comes to injustice -specifically when it comes to human trafficking or slavery (forced labor and prostitution). We were all singing and worshipping when someone about a mile away crashed into a power pole and killed ALL the power in the ENTIRE arena. The lights, projectors, sound, everything went down…except the drums….and then in the quiet you could start to hear the guitars and a faint sound of voices….then more….then many more, singing to the King together without missing even a beat. Reminded me that the “power” isn’t in cords, lights, guitar amps, speakers or video screens – – the power is in Jesus Christ working in His church, through people like me and our staff and the people of Discovery. We have no power apart from Christ and unlimited power with him. I so badly needed that re-charging moment.

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