Day 5

Today is day 5 without my wife and besides missing her and my girls, I continue to gain a deeper appreciation for her choice to stay home and her skill at successfully managing our home. A lot happened this weekend and I woke up this morning so to get kids fed and set up for school and then prepare for our staff meeting which we just did here. There’s a lot I don’t know, but I know this…I wife of noble character who’s as capable as mine is hard to find (Proverbs 31:10)

I don’t think it should be quite that hard though. I think American culture is selling a bad product and pushing women to find satisfaction and success outside the home at the expense of success inside the home. Working outside the home isn’t the problem (at least not the main one). The problem is the prevailing attitude that having home duties be a priority is somehow a second class form of success rather than something to aspire too. It’s about trying to “do” both instead of just trying to “be” a godly homemaker. “Be” the virtuous woman proverbs talks about and you can still “do” work. What I’ve noticed is when women just try to “do” work and “do” home they end up “being” busy, tired, frustrated or disappointed.

Of course these are generalizations. Some people might seriously take issue with this even. But it’s still worth considering. Christianity and following Christ has never been about trying to do it all. It’s much more simple than that. It’s about our being – who we are – not what we do. I am a follower of Christ and because of that I do ministry vocationally. My wife is a homemaker and yet she can also do nursing as an RN, but there’s a clear order of identification. She’s, in my opinion, an exellent example of what it means to BE a godly woman.

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